10 Lies Partners Tell Each Other!

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2:58 pm 10 Jul, 2015

“I’m sorry babe, this won’t happen again”, “This is not what you think”, “I was too high to speak the truth!” Haven’t we all faced these moments at least once in relationships? Come on, we have all lied to our partners every now and then, out of which we regret some, while we are thankful for the rest!

Girls tend to lie to maintain peace, while guys lie to keep themselves out of trouble. Here are some lies often spoken by girls and boys, for which people have fallen time and again:

1. “Dad confiscated my phone”

Probably you were too drunk to notice her calls or you kept on ignoring because you wanted to enjoy your BRO party (Oh wait! She isn’t supposed to even know about it)


Lies partners tell

“Yaar 30 second mein 14 baar kaun call karta he” phgardencity

2. “There are just girls at the party, sweetheart!”

She probably must be bitching about you to one of her guy best friends after a few shots or dancing on tabletops. Or the horror! Drunk-texting someone else!


Lies partners tell

“What I tell my boyfriend, My Choice!” sulekha

3. “I have nothing to hide in my phone”

Every guy has to have at least one group where all the booty talks take place or where Pamela Anderson photos are shared. Even if the guy doesn’t participate!


Lies partner tell

“Can’t let him see my Hot Mommies group!” PersonalCollection

4. “This is my first time”

Somehow, everyone has been fooled into thinking that being inexperienced at relationships and making out is the best qualification for a partner, especially a girl!


Lies partners tell

“Is this your first time?” “Absolutely! I have never done it on Sankashti while having red bedsheets at 10.23am on a Tuesday!” “Oh! You make me feel so special!” LatinoHealthZone

5. “This is the best sex I have ever had”

Honestly, what is this even supposed to mean? And is it valid on your first time as well?


Lies partners tell


6. “I’m not mad at you”

The greatest weapon the feminists underplay is this and “I am fine.” The one way that women trample on the spines of their men on a daily basis, get ready to ask for forgiveness for something you have no clue of.


Lies partners tell

“Well, my other option was women!” yogadoug

7. “I don’t smoke”

Try to hide it all you can, but one day, your stupid friend is going to post a picture of you smoking and blowing rings on Snapchat.


Lies partners tell

“I was just practicing blowing for you darling!” youtube

8. “I’ll be there in a minute”

This minute probably has no definition… 15 minutes… 45 minutes or even an hour and a half. Can you for once come on time?


Lies partners tell

“I can’t see so I had to draw eyes on my face, didn’t I?” AliBaba

9. “I don’t even look at other girls”

That’s like Shahrukh Khan saying, “I have never been to Wankhede!”


Lies partners tell

“Cracks. We look. We forget. But we look.” UthTime

10. “I will never lie to you”

The greatest lie ever told, which probably has no meaning and girls and boys will continue lying because everyone wants it both ways…


Lies partners tell

“You never have time for me!” “You never give me any space!” “Aww! Let us be eternally unhappy together!” FreeStyls


What lies have you told that we have missed out on? Which lies have you never told?


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