Kya Hua Tera Vaada: 7 Lies That Baba Ramdev Told India

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Updated on 29 Aug, 2018 at 5:57 pm


Baba Ramdev needs no introduction. He is a face so prominent that the mere mention of yoga makes your mind think of a lean figured man clad in dhoti doing abdominal movements. His start as a yoga guru was much appreciated by people across. But his publicity seems to have given him wings to go around talking about things that make less of sense.

7. Pranayam Yoga is the natural cure for all Physical and Mental ailments

Ramdev Baba seems to have gone about blowing the clarion of how he has found the cure to some of the life threatening diseases. There were media reports that stated he had found a cure for AIDS through yoga. These statements passed, resulted in some strict actions by the Indian Union Health Ministry, who sent him a cease and desist letter asking him to stop making such false declarations. Well, Ramdev Baba should understand that he is neither a doctor nor some supreme being who can miraculously find a remedy to such grievous diseases.


6. Homosexuality is a disease and Yoga can cure it


Really Baba ji! The first statement of calling Homosexuality a disease is completely baseless as the definition of disease itself says that it is a health impairment or a condition of abnormal functioning. Having simultaneously claimed to cure it through Yoga is so annoying that it even makes a yoga lover like me feel sick of what wrong message are we sending to the society. I mean, HELLO, we are in the 21st century, can we stop behaving like lunatics.

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 5. Will bring back black money within 100 days of Modi Govt rule

Ramdev Baba came out as a strong supporter of BJP, but he went about batting for the party without wondering of what consequence his statements can cause. Not only did it misled his followers into believing the unbelievable but they went by his words and extended support for the party. Before lending your voice to a big issue such as this, you should first give answers to the accusation been levied on you on lack of transparency of your assets.


4. I was forced to sign the letter Kapil Sibal showed

During the much publicized Satyagraha, Baba Ramdev secretly entered into an understanding with the ‘then’ Congress government to discontinue his fast. When he didn’t Kapil Sibal, put to display the letter duly signed by his close aide in agreement to this . Not only did he blame the party for forcefully getting the letter signed but also hid the discussion from millions of his supporters contributing for the noble cause. When his lies were brought in front of the public he took shelter in his lies, stating how the government pressurized him to do so.


3. It was someone else’s black money

I really doubt the authenticity of people who have a dual identity, one which they keep for the society and the other for their malicious deeds. In April, 2014 his conversation with the BJP candidate Mahant Chandnath was caught in camera, where Mahant was openly discussing about his money being caught and how he was facing problem bringing his money. Ramdev alerted him immediately to discuss it elsewhere and not on a public platform. To clear out the allegations of black money discussion between them he said that they were merely discussing about someone else.

2. Sex education should be replaced by yoga education

On one hand he claimed to have found a cure for AIDS through yoga and on the other he suggested sex education to be replaced with yoga education as a medium to spread awareness about AIDS. Such pointless claims irate many and the civil society sought of taking legal action. Later on, like always, Ramdev tried to take cover with a lie saying that it was the opinion of patients who were practising yoga. Why do you have to be the voice for someone else, I ask. And when you go ahead to make such statements why don’t you have the strength to defend yourself.


1. Tarnish Jawaharlal Nehru

The latest of his lies took to social media platform where he displayed a picture of Jawaharlal Nehru with the caption ‘1962 ke yudh ki haar se naraz log Nehruji se hathapai karte huye‘. The intention to display this picture was simply meant to jeopardise Jawaharlal’s image. However, it was later out found to be a picture taken in Patna where security personnels were trying to restrain Mr. Nehru from trying to jump into a crowd in order to restore order when his meeting was interrupted by a group of peasant demonstrators. The post was immediately deleted by Ramdev on his lie being caught.

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