SC Orders Maharashtra Government To Grant Licences To Dance Bars In 10 Days

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5:13 pm 2 Mar, 2016

The Supreme Court has asked the Maharashtra government to issue licences for dance bars to hotels and restaurants in next 10 days.

The bench, comprising Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Shiva Kirti Singh, said:

“We are certain that competent authorities will not conceive of anything to stall the grant of licence and added will comply with the command of this court and not venture to defy it.”


The apex court also ruled out that no CCTV would be installed around the performance areas in the dance bars as it modified seven conditions imposed by the Maharashtra police.





The order comes on the petition filed by Indian Hotels and Restaurant Association challenging the conditions imposed on them by the state police before allowing them to open dance bars.

The police had also sought a three-foot wall between the performance area and patrons’ seating area in the bars.

“The court has permitted their condition that there should be a railing of three feet in the dancing area and there should be distance of five feet between the dancers and the viewers,” said Nishant Katneshwarkar, Chief Standing Counsel of the Maharashtra Government.


 SC order brings relief to dance bars owners Dailymail

SC order brings relief to dance bars owners

Last year, the apex court stayed a law passed by the Maharashtra assembly banning dance bar.

Following the court order, more than 150 dance bars started the process of re-opening, including seeking mandatory licences.



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