A Gay Love-story Like Never Before! Take A Look At India’s First Ever Silent LGBTQ Short Film Sisak!

9:49 pm 7 Sep, 2018


Time and again, the Supreme Court of India has proved that no one is above justice. A recent example being its verdict in which it decriminalised homosexuality! A big victory for the members of the LGBT community indeed! We all know that many people have long waited for this day and for this historic decision. People have tried to express their concerns and opinions via various methods. Films being one of them. Check out the internet if you don’t believe me. Plenty of movies are lying there, waiting to be discovered. One such LGBTQ movie Sisak is truly captivating.

The film is beautifully directed and points out the intricacies associated with homosexuality. The film revolves around two men, who happen to board the same local train. They want to say a lot, but couldn’t bring themselves to do so!




The film, directed by Faraz Arif Ansari, beautifully captures the most subtle of details and weaves them together in a simple yet striking manner. From the cast of the film to silence, the movie will definitely stir up the emotions among the viewers.




It is a fact that the movie is no less than a medium which absolutely discouraged section 377 during the time of its release. In a brief stint of 20 minutes, trust me the movie will make you feel the intensity.



The plot was so well woven that this LGBTQ movie has won more than 40 international awards.



Take a look at the trailer of the short film here: