Lewd Viral Videos Of Tarunnam Khan Gaining Huge Popularity Will Make You Cringe   

7:37 pm 11 Jun, 2018


How far would you go to grab social media’s attention? Over the years, we have seen many ranging from ridiculous to daring who captivated us with their acts. While some present you with absolutely hilarious songs, other gets famous for walking on the edge of tall buildings. However, the latest aspiring star of social media follows none of the known paths. She is using the new-age platforms with a conventional idea. Guess what? Tarunnam Khan is getting infamously famous following the trend – sex sells!

No, she isn’t making porn videos as that is too mainstream and will fail to attract the attention of the regular social media users. This lady is using various apps to come up with ‘funny’ videos. It will not be wrong if we say that her videos are absolutely lewd in nature. Using vulgar gesture and over-the-top dialogues, she has already created a sizable fanbase for herself.




No, this article is not about criticizing her. It’s her life and she has selected a sure shot way of gaining fame. However, it does reflect deeply on the prevailing mentality of our society. Filled with perversion, her videos are often viewed by a huge number of audiences. The ironical part is, however, people calling her names and abusing her when they are themselves engaging in the act of watching.



To increase her chance of visibility, she makes sure to tag every known personality on Twitter while posting her video. Some of the people she has tagged in her video are PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi, BBC News, Virat Kohli, Salman Khan, and so on.



Here are some of her videos, to give you a clear idea about the content created by this lascivious lady:






And, here is how the followers or viewers of the videos of Tarunnam Khan reacted:








What are your thoughts?

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