Abandoned By Her Relatives In Agra, 12-Year-Old Girl Heads The Family

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7:13 pm 2 May, 2015

Should we say it is courageous or should we call it apathy?

12-year-old Sonia has now become the head of her family, a role thrust upon her after their uncle threw them out.

Along with her three siblings, they have been abandoned by their relatives after their parents allegedly committed suicide two years ago, driven by poverty and loss of crops. Her uncle said to NDTV that he doesn’t earn enough to take care of children.


After turning to police for help, the police instead took them to their village Panchayat to take decision. Village chief Ram Jeet said:

“We decided that they will be given a room and Rs. 1,000 a month. To manage their expenses, the oldest girl can work in the fields and earn money.”

Despite being in a terrible situation in which children have been left to fend for themselves, Sonia is happy that they have roof over their head and says,

“I want to study and see that my brother and sisters study also.”


The district administration became aware of their story and said that they would pay the siblings a visit and extend all help possible.



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