20 Life Lessons To Learn From Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Updated on 21 May, 2015 at 5:37 pm


Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ is a phenomenal movie and a perfect salute to friendship. This film is sure to be on the personal favourite list of many. With its amazing star cast, perfect storyline, exotic locations, out of the world dialogues, and songs, it serves as a complete entertainment package. You just wouldn’t get bored of watching it again and again. However, apart from the entertainment factor, it does teach us great life lessons in a rather humorous way that you will definitely enjoy. It is probably the favourite of the majority of YOLO believers out there! You would surely wanna go on a road trip with your best friends at least once in your life after watching this movie! Here’re 20 life lessons to learn from ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’. #YOLO

1. You live only once!

That’s the first thing you learn from the title itself which is then beautifully depicted in the movie. It’s one life to live so live it the best you can!


2. Overcome your fears.


Each one of us surely does fear something but guess what, we also have the potential to overcome that fear no matter how difficult it might seem.


3. Live in the present.

Make the most of the moment you are in right now! Because you never know kal ho na ho.


4. Never let the child in you die.

It’s those childish pranks that you play during your trip which once you used to play when you were in school that makes your trip memorable.


5. Your friends understand you the most…more than you yourself at times!

At some situations, it’s best to follow your best friend’s advice as they are correct at times if not always and they wouldn’t hesitate to tell you the truth on your face even if you don’t wanna accept it.


6. Road trips are a must.

Have you really enjoyed your life if you haven’t been on a road trip with your best friends?


7. Keep away from mobile phones when you are with your friends.

Concentrate on your friends and not become slave of gadgets or they surely know how to get rid of your phones!


8. Your friends gift you the best things possible.

Friends have got these real creative skills when it comes to gifting you something. But they will happily spend 12 thousand euro to buy a purse for their spouse or girlfriend.


9. You simply can’t hide anything from your friends.

Even if you try to, they will find ways to find it out and of course they get to know it somehow.


10. You create the best moments!

Undoubtedly you have the best, most hilarious, the most stupid moments with your friends that you treasure for lifetime.


11. You just can’t have serious talks.

If you have friends like those in this movie, having normal, serious conversations could be a bit difficult. Most of the time you just have to end up cracking jokes or laughing your ass out.


12. Never be afraid to accept your love.

If you truly love her just express it and never be afraid to accept it because it just makes life all the more beautiful and worth living.


13. It’s their birth right to make fun of you if they feel so.

Your true friends will never miss the opportunity to pull your leg in public or among your other group members.


14. Do not show your girlfriend any kind of ring.

Girls get really excited on seeing rings; so never show your girlfriend any ring unless you intend to actually propose to her.


15. Bros before hoes.

Never let a girl be the reason for a gap in your friendship. Moreover, don’t risk your years old friendship for that one girl or boy whom you met just months ago.


16. Money is secondary.

Money truly can’t buy you everything. It can’t buy the happiness you get from doing things that lets you live freely. It can’t buy you true friendship and love.


17. Learn to forgive and forget.

The feeling when you forgive your friends and get back together is truly priceless and moreover, you yourself will feel a lot better. People do make mistakes. This movie depicts it beautifully, how important it is to forgive and forget especially if they are your friends.


18. Don’t run after love. Let it chase you. When the time will be right you will fall hard.


19. Kiss passionately. Need not to explain any more.


20. And live life to the fullest.




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