24 Lessons That All Indian Mother’s Must Teach Their Sons

12:00 pm 26 Jan, 2016

In a patriarchal society like India, Moms have a list of lessons for their girls to learn. But when it comes those precious sons, there is nothing much they have to say ‘since boys will be boys’. We have to understand, that these boys are not always going to run to their moms, wiping their mouths on her pallus, but are going to be responsible men in society. They need the guidance from the first guru to be socially responsible, respectful, capable and successful individuals.


1. Take care of your personal hygiene and keep your room clean.

There is no such thing as a ‘bachelor’s room’; it is just name given to an untidy and unclean room.


2. I know you love home cooked food, so don’t hesitate to prepare rotis or fancy dishes some times.

Like I treat you every day with hot delicious food, you can treat me once in while with your dishes.


3. There is no shame in lending a helping hand to keep your home and surroundings clean.

Learn to dust, wash and clean around home.


4. Learn to help those in need.

Winning hearts and goodwill is more important than winning competitions.


5. Being a boy does not mean you can waste your time loitering or lazing.


6. Do not sleep till late hours.

Welcome the rising sun for a healthy lifestyle


7. We parents are very proud of you, learn to be proud of us when we become old.

Do not be ashamed of us.


8. Laughter is good medicine, but that doesn’t mean you should hurt others for petty laughs.

Stop bullying and do not be bullied either.


9. Women are not objects of pleasure.

They are respectful individuals like you.


10. Learn to distinguish between love and lust.


11. Learn to take ‘No’ for an answer, because you are sure to face it sooner or later.

The world was not made for you.


12. Be sensitive, emotional or cry when you are sad.

It is much better than venting out your anger in the wrong way.


13. Just because you do not get pregnant, do not shirk the responsibility of birth control.


14. Love and protect your family, your parents, siblings, wife and children.

They are your true wealth and happiness.


15. Don’t make comparisons between your wife and mom.

Your wife is a young woman, struggling hard to adjust to married life.


16. Women can love their family and careers.

It is not your call to permit or stop the women in your life from enjoying their work – be it home making, professional careers or voluntary endeavors.


17. Treat women as your equals or even superiors, because you were nurtured by a woman not only when you were a helpless baby but also when you were a grown man.

She will be the one to give you a family in the future as well.


18. Finish what you start.

Do not be distracted from one task to the other.


19. Be dependable and trustworthy.

Do not run away at the first sight of a problem.


20. Stand up for the weak and fight for those who cannot defend themselves.


21. Rough and rude is not macho.


22. Eve teasing is evil.


23. Girls do not dress to impress boys, they dress for themselves.

More often they try to impress other girls than boys with their fashion statement. Don’t take their dressing style as an invitation for sex. They don’t make cat calls when you wear your favorite shirt, do they, so why should you?


24. You can nurture and care, just like me.

I assure you that it will be the most fulfilling feeling you will get in your life.


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