Forget Gyaan, To Achieve Your Dreams, Remember These 24 Lessons By Shah Rukh Khan

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8:18 pm 27 Jun, 2016

Shah Rukh Khan has completed 24 years in Indian cinema but as far as I remember, he has been ruling for ages. He reinvented the term “romance”, his versatility cannot be questioned and his unconventional ability to engross the audience is divine.

On completing his 24 years, he shared these beautiful lessons taught to him by 24 different imaginary women.


1. Never give up.


2. Defeat mediocrity.


3. Sadness is not permanent.


4. Quit smoking.


5. Don’t wear tight underwear. Leave it for the superheroes.


6. Art is everything.


7. Listen to your mother. Just sometimes.


8. All you need is love.

Thank you Shah Rukh Khan, we wish you’ll entertain us for the next 24 years as well.



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