Hit-and-Run Cases: How Lawyers Bend The Law To Aid The Rich And The Guilty

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5:15 pm 27 Apr, 2016


A few days back, a video of the hit-and-run accident of a 32 year-old Delhi guy went viral. The disturbing CCTV footage was released two days after the incident.

Though the juvenile is in jail, but twisting and breaking the law has become a fashion. People don’t think twice before breaking rules and committing crimes. Many a time, our rule makers and our laws fails to serve justice even after knowing the truth.



This video, released by Zero Budget Talkies, is an excellent representation of a lesson for all the rule breakers.

The video portrays the truth. Something that happens every time a crime is committed. In the video, a rich father and his son approach a lawyer after a hit-and-run incident. The lawyer is shown happily supporting the culprit, but what follows next is a #must watch.



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