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7 Ways Lenses Can Bring The ‘Swag’ To Your Personality

Published on 9 October, 2017 at 4:29 pm By

Some of us think that spectacles are boring. Some harsh ‘beauty conscious’ people  believe that anyone who wears it looks like a prolonged patient suffering from boredom. Even though one may have a sparkling personality, spectacles often hide it.




So, why let them camouflage your personality?

The solution is right before your eyes, literally. It is called contact lenses. Contact lenses are the most viable thing that can actually change your appearance instantly.

There are many who have loved removing the spectacles a thousand times in front of the mirror to cherish the beautiful you. But then, your poor eyesight betrayed you. This is why contact lenses are so in-demand.




Feeling excited? Well, here are seven solid reasons why you should definitely abandon specs and buy contact lenses.

1. Do you have a hard time finding a date? Do hotties just pass by you while you are fighting to adjust your glasses?



Well, these gazes are not satiating. So, why wait? Wear the lens and date your “alert”. Plus, it is easier to kiss without spectacles.

2. I know these rainy days are a pain in the ass.

Can’t you see you need the lens? Lens provides a clearer vision whatever the weather may be whereas glasses fog up with changes in temperature.


3. Headaches. Yes, that is what comes along with wearing specs.

Imagine your head exploding during a date or even during a business meeting. Total disaster.



4. With contact lenses, you don’t get the reflections and distortions.

Take my photo, bitch.



5. Lenses don’t get in the way of showing off your eye makeup.

Flaunt, flaunt and flaunt. Embrace your eyes.


6. Glasses usually provide poor side-vision, but with lenses your entire field of vision is in focus.

You certainly don’t want THIS to happen to you.



7. Finding glasses that perfectly complement your outfit is a daunting task. Contact lens match with everything you wear.

Even the beauty queen, Deepika, looked hideous in them.



Well, these reasons are “clear” enough to make buy contact lenses right away.

So what the hell are you waiting for? Contact lenses by Lensico are the eyewear that you can rely on to bring back your lost swag. Also, they have customized sunglasses that will make you shine like a star.

Go for it, fellas!

Buy contact lens



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