17 Legal Provisions That You Didn’t Know Exist But Can Come In Handy

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Updated on 7 Jul, 2015 at 8:04 pm


If you are living in Delhi, then you must have come across many situations, in which you don’t know what to do. For example, what do you do if an Autowalla refuses to go by meter? What do you do if police does’t register your FIR? What do you do when somebody molest/harass you in a metro? Well, for all these situations and others, you, as a citizen of Delhi, have some legal rights. Here are list of 17 legal rights and provisions that you must must know:

1) If an Autowalla  refuses to ply by meter, just call on Helpline 011-25844444 and just tell them his auto number. Your complain will be addressed and if you are a girl, they will arrange a vehicle for you also.

2) After 7 PM, if any Autowalla refuses any girl for going at any place, she can take Auto’s number, Dial 100 and complain to Police. An Autowalla can only refuse if he is going back to his home.


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3) If any policemen denies to file an FIR because the place of incident doesn’t fall under that police station, then you can file “Zero FIR”. It means that a FIR can be filed in any police station and the same can be later transferred to the appropriate Police Station.


4) Suppose due to some reasons you are not able to lodge a complaint at the police station, then what will you do? A woman has the privilege of lodging a complaint via email or registered post which should be addressed to a senior police officer of the level of Deputy Commissioner or Commissioner of Police.

The officer then directs the SHO of the police station, of the area where the incident occurred, to conduct proper verification of the complainant and lodge an FIR.


5)  If someone is stalking you or is making obscene calls, then you can directly call “Anti-Stalking/Anti-Obscene Calls Cell” set up By Delhi Police. This specialized sell functions with a dedicated help line 27894455, 1096, e-mail:[email protected]., SMS-9911135446 and FAX-27292523.


6) Bribery  is a very common word if you live in Delhi. More common than you think. If anyone asks you or offer you bribe, just call on ‘anti-corruption helpline-1031.”

7) Do you know about Ambulance Police?  This scheme is in operation in Delhi since 1975. It provide Ambulance services to the victims of road accident. In case of emergency, dial 23490251 or 100.

8) Are you planning to hire a maid or a servant? Always contact your beat constable or police station for servant verification. Download the servant verification form from website: www.delhipolice.nic.in


9) If you suspect unclaimed objects like Hand Bags, Packets etc. or any suspicious person in your vicinity, call 100 or 1090 at once and give as many detail as possible about the same.


10) Are you a regular metro commuter? In case of any problem, call  24×7 bilingual helpline – 155370, that offers essential information to commuters and also register complaints and suggestions.


11) Every women should know this. According to a Supreme Court ruling, a woman cannot be arrested after sunset and before sunrise. There are many cases of women being harassed by the police at wee hours, but all this can be avoided if you exercise the right of being present in the police station only during daytime.

12) Your vehicle was stolen? Don’t know the progress of the case yet? Through the SMS No.“9811599901” the general public can make enquiries regarding stolen vehicles, unclaimed vehicles on the basis of either Registration Number, Engine Number or Chassis Number of the Vehicle.

13) Traffic is synonymous with Delhi. If you witness any traffic violation/ suggestion, call Traffic Helpline number 25844444&1095 (available round the clock) to lodge a complaint. You can also SMS traffic information dissemination service for traffic diversions, traffic signal failures, congestion on any road, road accidents details, notice details, etc. on phone number 981145220.

14) Are you victim of harassment at work? It is mandatory for every employer to create a Sexual Harassment Complaints Committee within the organisation for redressal of such complaints. It is also necessary that the committee be headed by a woman and comprise 50% women as members.

15) Are you neighbours not letting you sleep? You can a lodge a complaint as use of loudspeakers between 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM , done without police permission is punishable by law.

16)  If you are a victim of cyber crime which includes hacking, cyber stalking, virus dissemination, software piracy, credit card fraud etc, you can contact Cyber Crime Investigation Cell at http://cbi.nic.in/ or +91-11-4362203, 011-26851998, 011-26515229, +91-11-4392424

17) For a quick solution if you are in an emergency, download the app – Himmat – an initiative by Delhi Police which allows smartphone users to contact police in the quickest possible time in an emergency.

The user will be asked to feed five emergency contact numbers of friends or relatives into the app’s data base. When an SOS call is made, a message will be automatically sent to these five numbers.