5 Bollywood Lead Actors And Actresses With Disturbingly Massive Age Gap Between Them

9:00 am 27 Jul, 2018


The existence of sexism in Bollywood is an undeniable fact. The massive age gap between lead actors and actresses in the movies, where men always happen to be significantly older, is the testimony of it. Yes, people might be slightly more aware today about the misogynistic practices in the entertainment business, but, to be honest, the industry hasn’t really done enough to change the disturbing practices, such as portraying women in stereotypical roles or as mere accessories and unequal pays for equal roles, etc. But what is even more disturbing is, we never know when they will realize and change them or will not at all.

Well, an Instagram handle, called Muvyz, has been tracking the latest on Bollywood and also keeping score of how the industry has always revolved around middle-aged men romancing women significantly younger than them. And according to their record, here we bring you 5 Bollywood lead actors and their leading actresses with a massive age gap between them.


1. Dev Anand and Madhavi in Lashkar

Dev Anand and Madhavi starred together in 1989’s hit Lashkar. But what is shocking here is, Dev Anand was 66 years old and his leading lady was only 27, having the age gap of 39 years between them when they acted as on-screen lovers in the film.



2. Sunny Deol and Urvashi Rautela in Singh Saab The Great

Another huge age difference was between Sunny Deol and Urvashi Rautela. Sunny was 56 when he cast 19-year-old Urvashi opposite him in his home production Singh Saab The Great in 2013. They have a massive age gap of 37 years.



3. Amitabh Bachchan and Soundarya in Sooryavansham

Amitabh Bachchan played both the father and the son in 1999’s Sooryavansham, the official Hindi remake of the Tamil film Suryavamsam. While he pretended to play someone older with a thick grey beard, he also played the benign, clean-shaven son. But what is shocking here is, Big B was 55 years old when he played the on-screen lover of Soundarya, who was only 26 then. They have an age gap of 29 years between them.




4. Akshay Kumar and Kriti Sanon in Housefull 4

Akshay Kumar will be seen alongside Kriti Sanon in Sajid Khan’s upcoming Housefull 4. While this is one franchise that’s been a constant for Akshay and Riteish Deshmukh, the women keep changing, starting with Deepika Padukone to Asin to Jacqueline Fernandez, and now to Sanon. But what is shocking is while Akshay Kumar has only gotten older, already 51, the age of the heroine continues to remain the same. This time Kriti Sanon, who is 28.



5. Bobby Deol and Kriti Kharbanda in Housefull 4

Bobby Deol and Kriti Kharbanda will also star in Housefull 4. As the earlier pair, Bobby Deol also seems to be keeping up with the times. While Deol is 49, Kriti is 29, and they have an age gap of 20 years between them.



What’s your view on this massive age gap between Bollywood lead actors and their leading actresses?