Want To Be A Lawyer In Potter’s World? This Kolkata University Created A Course For The Muggles

1:31 pm 26 Oct, 2018


Let us not build up any suspense and get to the point first. We are sure your mind is boggled by the news about law course on Harry Potter’s world. Interestingly, National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) is offering such a course that can help you in acing the laws of the wizarding world. Situated in Kolkata, the University is offering the course as an elective to 4th and 5th-year students of the B.A LL.B (graduation).

Guess the name of the course? Well, it’s introduced as “An interface between Fantasy Fiction Literature and Law: Special focus on Rowling’s Potterverse”. Seems a bit confusing to comprehend? Let us break it down for you.




Introduced by Assistant Professor Shouvik Kumar Guha, the reason behind the course is actually quite interesting. Guha reveals that this is a course that is started as an experiment to give the students some relaxation from the serious world of law. At the same time, helping them to strengthen their skill on the application of the law. In his own words:

“This course is meant to be more of an experiment. It will take both me and the students out of our comfort zones. In law schools, people get a very specific set of subjects. The curriculum revolves around the hard letter of the law, case laws etc. Given the fact that this course lasts about five years, students also get bored.”



The professor went on explaining that the course will address the implications of judgments on society and political arenas. Quite innovatively, instead of taking real-life examples, he turned to the fictional world. Smart!



The potter series portrays many limitations of law. Hence, the professor selected this world for giving a chance to the students to apply their legal knowledge in an alien scenario. If you are still scratching your head and trying to understand the complete aspect, then let us give you little examples.



For instance, the Azkaban prison is utterly infamous for curbing every chance of the inmates for reformation.



The society where the wealthy controls the mass media like the newspaper is another example.




Naturally, this will show students the presence of limitations in a society and how they can be changed by implementing the proper law. The idea, besides breaking the boredom, is also a safe bet as it will not attract any kind of controversies. We are certainly excited to see how this law course on Harry Potter’s world pans out. Aren’t you?

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