The Latest Trailer Of Game Of Thrones Season 4 Ensures That Thrill Will Reach A New Height

2:09 pm 18 Feb, 2014


Red Wedding was possibly the most shocking event in the Game of Thrones’ journey so far. Right after watching the maddening event at the Twins, viewers were lost in oblivion and some of them even took a break for couple of weeks to watch Mhysa, the finale of S3. Mollifying a devastated heart isn’t a child’s play. And it become even more tough when GRRM plays a sadistic bastard at every nook of the show.

But here is time to chuck out everything of past and start afresh with Season 4. The latest trailer is outlining the upcoming storm in the irregular tale of the Seven Kingdoms. However only episodes will decide the regular happenings — dooming heroes, bouncing b**bs, shrewd companions and of course, full-grown dragons.

Credit: GameofThrones via YouTube