Lata Mangeshkar Criticizes The Remix Generation, Says She Isn’t Interested In Listening To Them

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Updated on 25 Oct, 2017 at 7:12 pm


There was a time when listening to music was a peaceful ride. All thanks to the greats like Lataji, Ashaji, Kishore Kumar and other legends. Their divine voice would touch our hearts instantly and now, forget the heart, listening to songs can give you a migraine.

The millennials are more inclined towards remixes and shitty raps with alcohol flowing from all corners. A remixed song starring Vaani Kapoor, Main Yaar Manana Ni, has recently gained a lot of attention. This song was originally sung by Lata Mangeshkar in the movie ‘Daag’




It is a disrespectful thing to take a classic song and make it your own with some mediocre hip-hop beats. The essence of the song loses its shine.

When Lataji was asked about his song being recreated with new beats, she gave a strong reply,

I  haven’t heard this new version. Nor would I want to hear it. So, I wouldn’t want to comment on it. But in principle, I’ve always been opposed to remixes and cover versions of classics. They shouldn’t be touched. So many of Pancham’s, Madan Mohan’s and Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s songs have been tampered with; beats and lyrics are modified. It’s like rooms being added or removed from the Taj Mahal. These composers knew what they were doing. I don’t think their efforts need any boosting.



This shows that today’s musicians lack the talent to create an original piece. It is better they learn from the greats and don’t copy them.



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