This Is India’s Last Tea Stall; It Is Located At A Picturesque Himalayan Village Called Mana

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7:12 pm 28 Mar, 2016


Mana is a quaint little village in Chamoli, Uttarakhand.

Situated just 24 kms from the Indo-China border at Tibet, Mana is practically inaccessible during the winters.

The 180 odd residents of the village remove themselves down to the nearest town while snow engulfs Mana.


This signboard says it all. TripsBank

This signboard says it all. TripsBank

Located in Mana is a tea shop that proudly displays this signboard.





It is the indeed the last tea stall. Located just three kilometers from Badrinath, the tea stall is near the Vyasa Cave.

It is the cave where Ved Vyasa is believed to have resided in when composing the Mahabharata.



It is not just tea that this stall has to offer – it serves noodles, too!

What? You need proof that this is the last tea stall? Even SBI acknowledges it.



And there, close to Mana is the world’s highest motorable road.


Of course, there are other coffee and tea stalls too, but the last tea stall before you leave India and enter Tibet is an attraction in itself.

Uttarakhand government has designated Mana as the ‘tourism village’ because of its religious and historic importance.




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