We Finally Know The Last Name Of ‘Barbie’ And People Are Going Like Crazy

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7:10 pm 15 Apr, 2018


The Barbie Dolls have been a beautiful part of every child. Their fascinating stories have captivated us and introduced us to a whole new world of imagination. The characters of Barbie look amazingly real, and thus, they are remembered even when one grows up.


Though the world of Barbie is very close to our heart, still, it seems that it is masked with a lot of secrets. Well, guys,  one of the secrets just got revealed. Since the name ‘Barbie’ looked so perfect to us, we really didn’t care to know what her full name was. Yes, she has a surname, and it is not what you would have thought of.

Let’s hear it from the Barbie family itself:




‘Roberts’ it is. In fact, her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. I am probably sure you had no clue about it. For some, it is surprising, and for die-hard Barbie fans, they wish she had a fancier last name.








Well, indeed, life is full of surprises.

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