‘Laser Walls’ At Indo-Pak Border Will Now Prevent Terrorists From Entering India

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9:31 am 28 Apr, 2016

To prevent terrorists from crossing over to the Indian side of Indo-Pak international border in Punjab, a dozen “laser walls” have been made operational.

These laser walls or fence will plug the porous riverine in Punjab and keep an effective vigil against intruders.

Border Security Force (BSF), which guards the Indo-Pak border in J&K, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat, is monitoring these fences.



According to BSF officials, eight infra-red and laser beam intrusion detection systems are “up and working” along vulnerable areas, and four more will be operationalised in the next few days.

A total of 45 such laser walls will be installed in these areas, a blueprint prepared in this regard had said.

A laser wall is a mechanism that detects objects passing the line of sight between the laser source and the detector. A laser beam over a river sets off a loud siren in case of a breach.

BSF patrols near the India-Pakistan international border fence socialnews

BSF patrols near the India-Pakistan international border fence socialnews

Officials said the preliminary results in detecting illegal movements are encouraging.

The sensors of these walls were being monitored through a satellite-based signal command system and armed with night and fog operability tools.



It must be noted that the suspected infiltration point of Ujj river in Bamiyal used by the six Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists before storming the Pathankot air base was not covered by a laser wall.

The BSF had started putting up laser walls on unfenced riverine stretches of international border last year in Jammu sector, which was more prone to terrorist intrusions till three terrorists carried out attack in Gurdaspur in Punjab in July last year.

After the Pathankot incident, BSF had deployed an additional battalion (about 1,000 men) in Punjab sector even as it has increased the number of its ambush operations and patrol in the area.


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The BSF is also considering deploying at least four more battalions in Punjab and Jammu border areas as a second-tier of defence after withdrawing these units from the Line of Control.


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