Lara Dutta Used Mahesh Bhupathi’s Towels to Block Rainwater And Got A Fuming Reply From Him

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7:15 pm 29 Aug, 2017


It’s raining cats and dogs in Mumbai. The city of dreams is drenched and flooded with water. As water clogging has always been a major issue in the city, it’s creating problems for daily commuters again. City life is disturbed and people are trying their best to stay at home to stay safe. The daily life of the city has come to a standstill as everyone’s major concern has become this heavy rain and the problems being caused by it.


People are posting alarming tweets and messages for others to alert them regarding the condition in their areas. The rain is so heavy that not just slum areas but also the high profile areas of the city are being affected.

Sharing about the condition in her area, actress Lara Dutta posted a tweet showing the hack that’s helping her to keep the rain away from entering her house.

To stop the rain from entering her place, the actress had put towels from US Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon, and French Open at the entrance of her house. The towels were put in a way to block the water. Here, check out her tweet:

Soon enough Mahesh Bhupathi retweeted her post quoting it with an angry tweet. Check out the husband’s tweet,

Lara’s actions might have angered her husband but Tweeple had a great time laughing at it!


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