24 Rules About Being The Lady That Everyone Admires

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10:00 am 2 Mar, 2016

Growing up, our parents always tried to teach us the proper rules of being a lady. Everything, from the proper behavior, to what to say, what to wear and even what to look like is ingrained. Looking back, many typical rules have no place in the life of the modern woman.

So, what are the new rules that every lady, young and old, should know, value and live by?


1. Dress smartly, leave something to the imagination.

Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady.


2. Say ‘Thank You’ regardless where you stand in the world.

Whether you are a housewife or working or own a company. Never hesitate to show your gratitude towards someone.


3. You should know how to prepare at least one dish at short notice for a party.

We all should have something we can bring to a pitch-in, something you can make quickly, consistently, and that tastes awesome. I am sure you would prefer not to offer only some left boxes of chips and bread rolls to your guests.


4. Be a decent hostess.

Figure out how to make people feel great and welcome in your home. Be attentive and not leave them on their own.


5. Always have a well-stocked bar.

If someone’s having a bad day or simply needs to pop in, be prepared to liven him or her up.


6. Do take time out for a get-together with friends you haven’t seen in a while.

Take charge and actually follow through with them.


7. Stay calm when one of your friends is a little too drunk to handle herself at a party.

Try to remain sober enough to properly look after her and drop her home safely.


8. Allow others to make it up to you, if they’ve hurt you somehow.

Ladies don’t hold grudges; they try to mend things and forgive.


9. Be happy for friends when they announce big life moments, such as engagements or pregnancy.

When it comes time for your pivotal turning point, you’ll need the same kind of support.


10. Stop assigning moral values to food items served.

Food is food, eat what you like. If you eat cake then you are not committing a crime. Keep in mind, your moral value isn’t determined by the contents of your digestive system.


11. When others compliment your dress, take it as a moral obligation to spill where you bought it, if asked.

Especially so if it was a sale purchase, without hiding the details.


12. Don’t make your guy go shopping with you.

And if he insists, then do ensure a comfy place for him to sit. He would not know that you are going to take hours to select anything.


13. Your wardrobe should have at least one outfit for every occasion.

One for a job interview, one for a first date, and one for going home to see family. By doing so, you will spare yourself any last minute mix up.


14. Try not to judge other women’s life decisions.

Homemaker? Wonderful. Child free career woman? Phenomenal. Something in the middle? Incredible. Nobody’s decisions negate yours. We can stop arguing about it now.


15. Never base your feminism in telling other women what makes them a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ feminist.

Being a good, understanding person should be your only criteria.


16. NEVER comment about another woman’s weight problem.

Remember, there are certain things you may want to criticize fairly. Her weight should never one of them.


17. Do compliment other ladies.

Girl-on-girl compliments are the best thing and signature of a true lady.


18. Don’t hold gender-based assumptions about who is ‘supposed’ to pay.

Everyone can contribute, it’s not someone’s particular duty.


19. Be courteous and hold the door for older people or someone carrying a heavy load.


20. Carry your own luggage and don’t always look for others to help you.

But if someone offers help genuinely, accept it graciously.


21. Never shirk from being the first to kiss, it does not make you weird or too bold.

This will be a pleasant surprise for your guy.


22. Quit looking at marriage as the defining element in a woman’s life.

One day, you’ll meet someone with whom you can spend your whole life. Don’t make it a deadline for you.


23. Don’t give media a chance to decide your appearance, it will make you miserable.

Do not spend the whole time criticizing and thinking about it. It doesn’t deserve your attention.


24. Always have a backup plan.

Everything does not work out. Plans backfire, so have an alternative plan to rely on. Never lose your self-confidence, no matter how difficult the situation may be.


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