This Lady Mukhiya Of A Bihar Village Sought Help On Facebook To Combat The Flood

6:00 pm 22 Aug, 2017


In what seems to be one of the worst-hit floods in Bihar’s recent history, more than 253 people have been reportedly killed while more than a crore people have been displaced from their homes and villages. While the Bihar government is seemingly doing their best to combat this natural disaster, there appear to be numerous places where the slightest relief has not yet arrived.



One such place is Singhwahini, Sitamarhi’s district panchayat area. The area has been coping with the flood for quite some time now, which has led to the severance of all modes communication with the outside world, even the district headquarters. As a result of this, the villagers are left to cope with the floods in utter isolation without any support from the government. Amid this situation, Smt. Ritu Jaiswal has come to their aid with all her support network.



Ritu Jaiswal is the mukhiya of the district panchayat of Singhwahini area. Her husband is IAS officer Arun Kumar Jaiswal. After trying several connections and pleading the government for some immediate help, when Ritu saw there was no chance of getting any support from the government, she took to Facebook to connect with people in her constituency and communicate the grievances of the villagers.


According to Ritu, as soon as she became the head of the Singhwahini district panchayat in 2016, she requested the allocation of a boat, knowing that the area gets grasped by severe floods every year. However, till now there has been no sight of the boat though the government had allocated the same over two months back. As of now she, along with the help of some villagers, has set up relief camps where food from every household is accumulated and distributed among the needy.


Ritu Jaiswal is also working hand-in-hand with the villagers to help them overcome floods. At last, seeing no other option to left, she posted photographs of the flood-grasped village on her Facebook profile. Numerous people have also come forward after seeing the same and help Ritu in her endeavor to make lives of the villagers in such difficult times a bit easier.


We salute Ritu Jaiswal for her perseverance and dedication.