The ‘Fastest’ Lady Cashier Whose Video Made You Laugh Is A Double Heart Attack Survivor

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1:51 pm 31 Oct, 2016


Most of us have a habit of denigrating others. We love taking potshots at those who we assume are weaker than us in one way or the other. Have we not laughed at one of those funny videos of someone doing something which, again, we assume is silly? And in this day and age of social media, anyone can be a sitting duck for our fun. Who cares about the story of the one at whose expense we are having a laugh?

This is exactly what happened when a video of a senior lady cashier at a bank started doing the rounds of social media. That video was shared by a Facebook user on October 24 and went viral.

Of course, if someone sarcastically tells us that this lady is the  ‘fastest cashier in the world’, most of us would take that as true. Watch the video – it is very short. (A YouTube version of the video was posted on November 25, 2015. This is another version.)




Was that not funny? Yes, perhaps because most of us are insensitive social media addicts who have nothing better to do than go ROFL when we see something like this. Proof are the comments in the YouTube video.

It is thanks to the effort of social activist Kundan Srivastava that those who have been laughing at the ‘slow pace’ at which the lady banker is working would hang their heads in shame – especially whosoever shared this in the first place.

Srivastava writes on his Facebook page that the woman banker is Premlata Shinde. Shinde works at the Bank of Maharashtra in Pune and will be retiring in February 2017.

Now, the reason why she appears to be working slowly. Shinde has survived two heart attacks and a stroke. Anyone can become bed-ridden from that alone. Srivastava explains:


While the branch stands by her, it is sad to see some random viral-story hunter making a video and shaming her in such a manner.

At the same time, some social media users now aware of her ailment argue that she should not be given a role that demands speed. Since many come to the bank for need, the concerns of the customers should also be taken into consideration. Yes, they are right, but is this not why the bank set up a separate counter?

It is also likely that the one who made the video was unaware of her story, but then there is something called common sense. Why didn’t the maker of the video go to the manager and talk about it?


Had it not been for Kundan Srivastava, perhaps all of us would have taken the video at face value. Let us stop laughing at every random video we encounter on social media and try to look at its backstory.

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