8 Annoying Things About Travelling In The Ladies Compartment Of Delhi Metro

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Updated on 17 Apr, 2015 at 6:31 pm


1. All squeezed out

Since we’re all females, no one cares about space issues and we end up so cramped that we can barely breathe.

we're all females


2. Bipolar attitude


Patiently stand in lines at Rajiv Chowk until doors open, then there’s a mad rush with a lot of shoving and stomping on feet.

ladies in-Rajiv Chowk

3. Overheard conversations

Irritating love demonstrations with boyfriend (“Tee hee. Chal chup kar batameez“); fights with parents (“Kyun nahi ja sakti main?“); obvious lies (“Abhi main ghar pe hoon“).

irritating love demonstrations in metro

4. Playing games on smartphones very badly

So badly that I feel like screaming that that was the worst move I’ve ever seen, but I can’t, because we’re supposed to pretend we’re not looking.

Playing games in compartment

5. Reading erotica/romance books

This is equivalent to men watching porn on the metro. One glance at a page throws up phrases of “heaving bosoms” and “deep thrusts”. Super embarrassing to even glance at.

romantic book in metro

6. Judging each other’s attire

As soon as there’s any space in the metro, we all check out each other’s clothes, shoes and bags. If caught, we pretend we weren’t looking.

Judging each other's attire

7. Cat fights

Sometimes these erupt for no reason whatsoever. Or something silly like, “You’re sticking to me!” Hello, it’s crowded! Sometimes it ends with one saying, “Some people have no manners.” Other times it becomes a pointless shoving match…because there’s really no space for a proper fight.

cat fight in metro

8. Noisy/Giggly girls who assume that everyone is interested in their lives

They talk at this loudspeaker volume about some party or incident that we’re all supposed to be impressed by. If someone checks them, that person is automatically jealous of how fabulous these girls are.


noisy girls in metro

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