Kushal Tandon Mocks ‘Naagin’ And Ekta Kapoor Shuts Him Down Ferociously, Savage Tweets!

3:01 pm 15 Jan, 2018


Ekta Kapoor is always known for giving befitting replies to anyone who wants to disgrace her or make fun of her. The queen of the Indian TV is also known for indulging in spats and rivalries with her actors who agree not to work on her terms. This time too something like that happened.

It all started when Ekta’s best friend Natasha aka Anita Hassanandani tweeted something about which was a bit awkward. It looked as if Anita was taking a direct dig at Bollywood biggies. Take a look at what she tweeted.

After her tweet, it was actor Kushal Tandon who noticed something fishy about it and tried to take a dig at Anita. In reply to her tweet, Kushal tried to find humor in the entire situation and commented about Ekta Kapoor’s infamous daily soap “Naagin”.


Naagin 3.ytimg.com

He wrote:

It seems that Kushal’s tweet didn’t go too well with the producer of “Naagin” Ekta Kapoor. As it was expected, Ekta gave a befitting reply to him and almost shut him down in one go. Below is the tweet shared by Ekta Kapoor.



Now, that’s what we call an answer. But, that’ not the end. Ekta went on to play with words and almost put Kushal in a big embarrassment. Kushal replied to Ekta saying:

And she gave another hit and quoted:

Well, that was just not the best timing for Kushal. We know that he acts well, but when the Queen denounced it publically, it was nothing but a shame. Poor Kushal!