Salman Khan’s Co-Star Kunickaa Sadanand Files Complaint Against Bishnoi Community For This Reason

5:10 pm 11 Apr, 2018


Recently, Salman Khan was sentenced to a 5-year jail term by a Jodhpur sessions court in 1998 blackbuck poaching case on April 5, 2018. But the actor got bail after spending two nights in the Jodhpur Central Jail and was welcomed by overenthusiastic fans.




Superstar Salman Khan’s co-star Kunickaa Sadanand has alleged that she has been receiving death threats and lewd messages from some of the members of Bishnoi community after she backed the actor on a panel discussion.

During an on-going panel discussion on a news channel, Sadanand raised her opinion in favour of Salman Khan in context to his conviction in the case.



At the panel discussion, she said that the Bishnoi community should not oppose the actor’s bail. While suggesting various social service activities as punishment for the actor, she requested them to make Salman Khan do community work like ‘adopting a forest’ or ‘help in breeding more blackbucks’.

However, while she was giving her suggestions, she passed a comment that didn’t go well with the Bishnoi community as apparently, her comments hurt the community’s feelings. Later, the actress claimed that people from the Bishnoi community have called her several times to bully her and released her personal information publicly.

The actress has released a video on social media informing the masses about being threatened by the Bishnoi community.

In the video, she has revealed what she said about the Bishnoi community that may have offended their sentiments. During the interview, Kunickaa Sadanand said that some of the Bishnois are also hunters like there can be non-vegetarians in a vegetarian community. This comment by the actress led to her being allegedly threatened by the community people.

Kunickaa Sadanand claims to have received phone calls and Facebook messages by the Bishnoi community threatening her of death. She avouched to have apologized for her comments on the community after getting repeated calls but apparently, the calls didn’t stop.




The actress was obligated to file a police complaint under Section 507 against the community after her personal details were allegedly leaked on social media. The actress is under police protection and the matter is being investigated by the police.



In order to retaliate to the case been filed against them, the Bishnoi community have also filed a case against Kunickaa Sadanand for hurting the sentiments of the community on national television.


Kunickaa Sadanand has worked with actor Salman Khan in Hum Saath Saath Hai and many other films.

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