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Kulbhushan Jadhav Case: Netizens React To Pakistan Quoting Articles In Indian Media In ICJ

Updated on 27 February, 2019 at 6:35 pm By

The United Nations court, formally known as the International Court of Justice (ICJ), is hearing the case pertaining to Kulbhushan Jadhav, a former Indian Navy officer who was arrested in Pakistan on charges of espionage. The hearings come amid rising tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbours following the heinous Pulwama attack. While India had asked for annulment of Jadhav’s conviction by Pakistan’s military and his release from custody, Pakistan asked the ICJ to dismiss India’s plea.


Indian lawyer Harish Salve demanded the release of Jadhav saying he was denied access to consular assistance, in breach of an international treaty, and not allowed to choose his own defense lawyer at trial. He also said that Jadhav’s court martial “hopelessly fails to satisfy even minimum standards of due process and … should be declared unlawful.”


On its part, Pakistan’s counsel called India’s demand for acquittal, release and return as “outlandish”. Accusing India for using the top UN court for “political theatre,” Pakistan’s attorney general Anwar Mansoor Khan argued that Jadhav was an Indian spy sent to Balochistan to destabilise the country. The charges leveled by Pakistan against Jadhav include running a network “to carry out despicable terrorism and suicide bombing and targeted operations to create unrest and instability in the country.”



Pakistan’s representative lawyer Khawar Qureshi said that even if the UN court found that Pakistan breached an international treaty on consular relations, Jadhav should not be released and demanded a review and reconsideration of his convictions.




To make its case stronger and support its arguments, Pakistan also cited articles written by journalists Karan Thapar and Praveen Swami in the ICJ to claim Jadhav was a spy of India.

Quoting Karan’s article in The Indian Express in 2017, Pakistan questioned Indian government’s stand on Jadhav. They also quoted Praveen Swami in Frontline magazine in January 2018, in which Pakistan said Swami had claimed that Jadhav was indeed on an espionage mission in Pakistan.




Soon after this, netizens also reacted:



Pakistan had claimed that Jadhav was arrested from restive Balochistan province on March 3, 2016 after he reportedly entered from Iran. Pakistan had denied consular access to Jadhav saying that that New Delhi wants the access to get the information gathered by its “spy”.

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