KRK Asks PM Modi To Allow Rs.500, Rs.1000 Notes As Legal Tenders In Bars; Gets Trolled Badly

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9:47 pm 16 Nov, 2016

The controversy king of Twitter, KRK, has never left a chance to target celebrities and politicians. Not only does he makes illogical comments, but also posts lot of negative tweets.

With everyone in the nation discussing demonetisation move, how can he not express his opinion.

First, he praised PM Modi’s move but later called it as his biggest mistake.

He further mocked the move and asked people to lend him Rs 20,000 so that he could run his office successfully.


But he crossed his limit, which he always does, when he asked Modi to allow Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes as legal tenders at bars.

Had enough of his drama, Twitteratis trolled him mercilessly.

He deserved it.

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