#VerifyKRK Is Trending And We Badly Wish Twitter Deletes His Account. Like Forever

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 2:56 pm

Nope, bro. I am not following KRK because I SO WANT to avoid his high degrees of chutiyapa. It’s unhealthy and negative. He has been a constant pain in the ass for everyone, not only Bollywood celebs.

Wait, I just checked. He has 1.18 million Twitter followers. Check again. Still the same. I wonder who is more retarded? He or his followers?

Few days back, Vikram Bhatt slammed a defamation case on KRK for his wrong accusations about Meera Chopra in his disgraceful review of the film, ‘1920 London’. He also wrote a letter in detail, listing down his bitchy comments and venomous tweets on celebs and is motivated enough to fight him in court.

To which, KRK replied immediately, asking him to withdraw his threatened words.



Go to hell!!!

It’s high time you pay for your sins and get knocked out of Twitter for ever.

Now, Vikram Bhatt has taken his fight to the next level when he initiated a petition on Change.org which is addressed to Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter asking him to take down KRK’s account.

KRK being KRK requested his followers to show support so that Twitter verifies his account instead of removing it.



Verification Ki Maa Ki. Twitterati actually verified him in many ways:


KRK, you need any more verification?