KRK Pointed Out An Obvious Thing Everyone Failed To Note In Karan-Bipasha Marriage

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1:49 pm 4 May, 2016

We cannot deny the fact even in our dreams that KRK invites controversies. With his insensible Tweets, he is ruling on Twitter and has become the ‘controversy king’. Though his fame is increasing day by day but that’s all in a negative sense. People are mostly interested in reading his Tweets but later end up abusing him.


We all know about KRK’s habbit of trolling and bad-mouthing celebrities.

Recently, hot actress Bipasha Basu had gotten married to Karan Singh Grover. The two were in relationship for quite some time. Their’s was a public marriage. People were kept updated about each and every ritual they did during the marriage ceremony.


Out of habit, KRK couldn’t keep from commenting on this as well. But, surprisingly, this time he talked about something sensible. He has Tweeted something that we all actually didn’t notice at all.


Well, I guess it just happened by chance and he himself couldn’t digest it. He went out of the box but then came back into it and Tweeted again about Karan Singh Grover and Shashi Tharoor.



We are not surprised though. Miracles do happen. Don’t you think?


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