KRK Tried Trolling PM Modi On Twitter And Got Insulted Miserably. It’s Hilarious

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 1:40 pm

KRK is the master of controversies. He will soon be setting the record for getting caught in the highest number of controversial issues that he created by himself. We all know he runs after the limelight and that he gets trolled when he says stupid stuff about celebrities or sportsmen over Twitter.


This time, he crossed his limit and targeted our PM. Yes, he said bad words about PM Modi, ignoring the fact that there are so many namo lovers who can eat him up all at once.  So, he tweeted…


In just few hours, Twitter users trolled him miserably! Starting with…


Never knew that we have a national dog!


Don’t know what ‘Nalle’ is but anything for KRK will do.


Apne jaal mein khud hi fas gaya. It’s hilarious.


“Tumhe?” LOL itni izzat kaun deta hai isko?




Hardik, he is obsessed with himself!


KRK – the potty mouth!


Good question.




By now, you would have fallen on the floor laughing. But don’t you think KRK actually deserves this. Yes, we all have a fundamental right to speak freely but he misuses it. He tries putting people to shame. Twitter has benefited people like him a lot. People like KRK shouldn’t be allowed on Twitter at all!