KRK Slams Twitter On Facebook For Suspending His Account

Updated on 7 Apr, 2018 at 2:59 pm


This Diwali, Twitter had a special gift for all Indian tweeples! And the gift came in the form of suspension of the account of a loudmouth called Kamaal R. Khan.

Known to be one of the most loathed loudmouths of India and a self-acclaimed critic of anything and everything happening across the country, Kamaal Rashid Khan never missed an opportunity to criticize and foul-mouth anyone for publicity.

However, now that his profile is finally suspended on Twitter, did you think you can enjoy a moment of sanity and peace on the social media platforms? If so, you were terribly mistaken for KRK is not one to keep quiet.

Yes; he is back in action, and this time on his Facebook account. He has come up with an “official statement” about suspension of his Twitter account. And what is more surprising is that, in his take on Twitter for suspending him, he has also blamed Aamir Khan for actually materializing it because, according to him, Aamir Khan did not like his honest reviews of ‘Secret Superstar’. He writes:


I want to inform all the media that I won’t try to open any new account on @Twitter if they have suspended my account just because Amir Khan doesn’t want me on @Twitter. It means Amir Khan is the real owner of @Twitter, and not Jack Dorsey.

And that is not all. The very dramatic former Twitter account holder took this suspension so personally that he now wants to take Twitter (and Aamir Khan) to court to recover all the loses he has suffered in spending so much time on the social media micro-blogging platform to build an audience. He writes:

I have spent 4 years and lots of money to build my 6 million followers account on Twitter. Therefore, I will definitely go to court against Twitter to ask them to reimburse me for the money and time I have spent on my account so far.

KRK’s open letter to Twitter and Aamir Khan Facebook


Well, KRK is really angry and hurt for the loss of his 6 million followers. But after seeing certain comments on this FB post, it is quite sure that people are taking great pleasure in his moment of utmost pain, loss and frustration:

Some people seemed extremely angry at KRK for divulging the story of Aamir Khan’s ‘Secret Superstar’.

What do you think of Twitter’s move? Do you think it was long pending or do you feel sorry for KRK? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.



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