KRK Said Something To Bhakts, And It Is Outrageous!

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 7:35 pm

Kamal Rashid Khan is the awesome man who never fails to amuse us. (I wonder why he never took up stand-up comedy.) There is no dearth of a specific kind of creativity in him that he uses to its fullest potential. And we often get to see that on Twitter, when he posts something is cringe-worthy or simply stupid. In both cases, he gets trolled.

And on November 12, the great KRK went bonkers. This is what he posted:


That tweet showed the frustration of the poor man (yes, we need to sympathise with him) following the torrent of trolling he receives on the social media platform.

Of course, this outburst of his was not going to be taken lightly. And so he was dutifully reminded:


And we are not even including the comments that had the choicest of abuses.

Why KRK, why? Why do you want to be the SRK of bullshit?