KRK Asks Tejashwi Yadav To End Nitish Kumar’s Rule, And Takes Dig At PM. Gets Trolled As Ususal

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8:05 pm 27 Aug, 2017


Kamaal Rashid Khan has called Tejashwi Yadav “Kursi Kumar” and has asked him to end Nitish Kumar’s rule in Bihar. KRK has commented this in the light of the RJD rally that was carried out in Patna on Sunday.

KRK tweeted in support of Tejashwi Yadav and the party’s “BJP Bhagao” campaign. The actor tagged Tejashwi Yadav in his tweet and even called the latter “Baahubali”.

In a second tweet that followed, KRK wrote that PM Narendra Modi is busy roaming in Bihar while Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh are burning in the wake of Ram Rahim Singh’s conviction. He further added that PM Modi must analysize what is more important: defeating Tejashwi Yadav or controlling the situation in Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh.

KRK’s tweets have garnered much attention from the twitter users who did their duty by trolling him.

Someone pointed out the obvious.

(Translation: Alas, what days have befallen on Lalu & sons that they are seriously retweeting the tweet of an actor who was not taken seriously by the film industry.)

A user asked KRK to think before speaking.

Someone brought the correct facts out.

“KRK doesn’t deserve to stay in India,” said this guy.

Nobody can tell the PM his agenda.


The rally was organized to declare a nationwide alliance by Congress, RJD, TMC and other parties to defeat BJP in the upcoming general elections.