KRK To Write, Direct & Act In A Superhero Series…If Twitterati Let Him Get On With It

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5:25 pm 17 Mar, 2016


Yes, it’s a sad day for Indian cinema (perhaps the worst at creativity) because KRK, the mindless actor who is blessed with great idiocy, will soon direct a superhero film.


Yeah, I know, it’s painful. And KRK disclosed this distressing news this morning.

And what’s more, the torture will happen in installments in the form of a web series.



Soon after his Tweet, Twitterati wasted no time to show their superpower to KRK.

This guy just disclosed half of the plot.


It’s time to learn some basics, KRK.



Oops, ignore this one.


Review is already ready.


Well, I ask: is anyone interested?