KRK’s Sensible Post About INDIA Will Make Every Indian Agree With Him This Time!

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12:11 pm 27 Sep, 2016

You must be familiar with the name ‘Kamaal R Khan’. The self-proclaimed critic is famous for his absurd comments and reviews about Bollywood films.

KRK and controversies go hand in hand and he has been many a time verbally thrashed by Indian big names on Twitter.

People have got so use to with his insanity that they have even stopped reacting to his lewd comments. But this time, KRK has left everyone in shock after posting his views about India and Indian Muslims. After the Uri attack, the whole nation is raging over Pakistan and MNS is sending Pakistani artist back to their nation.

While all this haphazard is going on, KRK with this amazing post has spread smile over many faces. Without passing any offending comment and taking anyone’s name, he simply expressed the good things about India and how Indian citizens are lucky to be the part of this nation.

Aren’t you feeling proud of being the citizen of such amazing nation?


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