KRK Insulted Vidya Balan. What Happened Next Is Not Surprising

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Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 4:46 pm

Controversy king, Kamaal Rashid Khan, knows how to remain in the limelight. We have been ignoring his tweets since a long time but that did no good. It has been proved that KRK just can’t say something good.

You much be thinking “Ab kya kara isne?”

So, during an interview, Vidya Balan was talking about her movie journey and was being praised for her phenomenal work in her movies. She was asked to name one young male actor with whom she thinks that her pairing will look “lethal”. Vidya Balan, named Ranbir Kapoor because she love his acting.


Is there anything wrong with this? NO!

But, KRK couldn’t control his chull and made fun of Vidya Balan in his latest tweet.He said that their pair will be as good as a mother and her son. Take a look at his tweet…

Twitteratis didn’t like his “PJ” and slammed him for making fun of such a reputed actor…

KRK should seriously stop interfering and speaking shit about others or HE SHOULD JUST DIE!