KRK Defines Life And Ram Gopal Verma’s Reply Proves How KRK Has Wasted His Life

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4:22 pm 17 Jul, 2016

We all know that KRK has been a celebrated loser all his life. All the infamy he has won is due his venomous tweets against Bollywood celebs and politicians. Actually, he knows nothing and, hence, does NOTHING. Other than giving his third-class Bollywood reviews and mocking tweets, he, once in a day, tweets quotes about life (possibly trying to regain his lost respect!) :


I am SO sure that he himself doesn’t value what he tweets and so, KRK, don’t expect us to believe that you have changed. Honestly, he is copying this lines from Google because he is not smart enough to buy a book. But Ram Gopal Verma, KRK’s frenemy, decided to teach him a lesson.

Yesterday, as his morning ritual, KRK tweeted a deep quote about life:


Ram Gopal Verma, who is thankfully not as mental as KRK, gave a wise reply and hopefully made KRK realize a thing about himself:


He didn’t reply to RGV after that and expectedly made us believe that he won’t change.



We know that, KRK.



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