#MeToo: KRK Fires All Women Staff From His Dubai And India Offices, Gets Brutally Trolled By Tweeple!

6:18 pm 31 Oct, 2018


#MeToo movement is indeed one of its kind. We all know how it has shaken the entire nation and the entire entertainment industry in India. We have seen how big names have been taken in #MeToo. Some of the revelations were shocking as well as horrifying at the same time. Well, a lot is being said about this monumental movement. Some are named and some continue to remain anonymous. Given the amplitude of this movement, it can be said that people might misuse it for their own personal interests, don’t you think? Maybe that’s the reason why KRK fired all the women staff from his offices (Dubai and Mumbai to be precise).

Yes, the ex-Bigg Boss contestant is presently in Dubai and has announced this via his official Twitter handle. He even posted a picture of himself and his wife with the Tweet.




Have a read at his tweet:

“Yes! It’s 100% true “Ki Main Biwi Ka Ghulam Hoon” So I followed her order. And now we don’t have any female staff in any of my office in India or Dubai. No parties! No talking with any girl. Thanks to #MeToo!👏👏👏


Now, what he did cannot be justified. Just because of his insensitive decision many women must have suffered. What makes things worse is that he has done all this in the name of #MeToo.

It seems that netizens didn’t approve of his decision and they trolled him left right and center, take a look at what netizens had to say:











So now you know, KRK fired all the women staff! What do you have to say about his decision, give us a shout in the comments!

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