KRK Finally Apologized In A Series Of Tweets; Vikram Bhatt Made This Miracle Happen

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 2:57 pm

KRK is well known for his potty mouth. He has insulted many via social media and everyone has just ignored the shit he has ever spoken till Vikram Bhatt took a stand and wrote a smashing open letter to him. It was like a tight slap on KRK’s face.


Vikran Bhatt was recently seen in a video on ‘The Quint’ and have a look what happened after KRK watched the video. I am sure you will be surprised!

So ‘The Quint’ tweeted this:


KRK wrote this in reply:


He continued saying:


OMG! Finally a ‘Sorry’!


Sorry to the whole Bollywood fraternity. Can you believe this?


Vikram Bhatt thought that he has turned the impossible into the possible. To KRK’s tweets he replied:


Poor Vikram Bhatt, he does not know KRK yet. He can never ever change. After so much drama look what he tweeted!


And this: