KRK Finally Apologized In A Series Of Tweets; Vikram Bhatt Made This Miracle Happen

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12:29 pm 4 Jul, 2016

KRK is well known for his potty mouth. He has insulted many via social media and everyone has just ignored the shit he has ever spoken till Vikram Bhatt took a stand and wrote a smashing open letter to him. It was like a tight slap on KRK’s face.


Vikran Bhatt was recently seen in a video on ‘The Quint’ and have a look what happened after KRK watched the video. I am sure you will be surprised!

So ‘The Quint’ tweeted this:


KRK wrote this in reply:


He continued saying:


OMG! Finally a ‘Sorry’!


Sorry to the whole Bollywood fraternity. Can you believe this?


Vikram Bhatt thought that he has turned the impossible into the possible. To KRK’s tweets he replied:


Poor Vikram Bhatt, he does not know KRK yet. He can never ever change. After so much drama look what he tweeted!


And this: