A New Reason To Dislike KRK: His Sexist Abuse Against The Indian Cricket Team

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 6:19 pm

We all know KRK but obviously not for any good reason. Rather he is well known because of all the illogical ranting and opinions he dishes out. The Indian cricket team lost against West Indies and is now out of the T20 World Cup. Well, we all were disappointed but everyone truly understood the spirit of the game. It was not ‘just’ a game but yes a ‘game’ where anything can happen. Cricket fans supported and praised the Indian team for all that the team did to make it to the semi finals.

But, there are people who just search for reasons to abuse the nation and one of them is the not-so-famous KRK who started his abusive ranting on Twitter after India’s loss.



KRK posted an abusive tweet against Pandya and later ‘deleted’ it…but the Internet has never spared anyone!





And his Tweets were followed by his stupid rantings:


Well, he already does not have any respect to lose. Let the douche speak, we know our boys are the best!