Kriti Sanon’s Badass Response To Bhairavi Goswami’s ‘No Bumper, No Headlight’ Is Getting All The Praise

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Updated on 4 Aug, 2017 at 4:59 pm


No matter how much we shout that the time has changed but double standards of the society haven’t gone. If you think that Bollywood is any way different from the society, then you are WRONG!

Body shaming, trolling or slamming might be a trend on social media these days but it’s the celebrities themselves who preach this.

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EXAMPLE: Kriti Sanon recently posted a dancing video of herself on Arjun Kapoor’s upcoming movie’s song ‘Hawa Hawa’.

Here’s her tweet:

Where Kriti’s fans praised her for the amazing performance and the song, it was Bhairavi Goswami who couldn’t digest this. If you don’t know who Bhairavi is, then we must tell you that she also an actress who was last seen in the movie ‘Hate Story’.

‘Hate Story’ actress, Bharavi Goswami.


Bhairavi’s comment to Kriti’s dancing video is proof that Bollywood too has people who believe that the world should work according to their will. Body shaming Kriti, here’s what Bhairavi tweeted,

Bhairavi’s “no bumper, no headlight” comment spread like a wildfire on the internet. People slammed the actress for using such lewd words for a woman. However, we didn’t hear anything from Kriti so far.

Now, the actress has FINALLY responded to Bhairavi’s disgusting comment.


Kriti was with Ayushmann Khurrana when the media approached the actress. While interacting with the media, Kriti was asked to express her views on Bhairavi’s lewd comment. Hitting back with a badass reply, Kriti came out as the winner. Her response is getting all the praise.

Check out the video to know Kriti’s full response:


So, this is how you handle good-for-nothing people!