This Kid Named Krishna Just Became A Global Celebrity By Singing ‘Balam Pichkari’

10:30 am 25 Jul, 2018


The internet is one amazing place! Every day, we see new things on the internet that evokes a range of emotions in us. These days, many things catch our attention easily and make us go gaga about them. Right from Dancing Uncle to the girl singing potato song, that are so many things that made us laugh out loud. Not to forget, there are also the sentimental videos that certainly restores our faith in humanity. The video that has now attracted everyone’s attention is a song sung by Krishna.

He is a 10-year old kid who has left the audience spellbound. Krishna belongs to UK and appeared at the auditions of  The Voice Kids UK 2018.  He performed a special song at the auditions.



Krishna sung a mashup of two songs at ‘The Voice Kids UK 2018’, including the popular ‘Balam Pichkari‘ and ‘How Deep Is Your Love’. As soon as he started singing, he was selected by one of the judges. Now with his video going viral, Krishna has made many fans throughout the world.



He not only sings beautifully but also plays harmonium with utter ease. Also, this little kid’s talent is not only limited to music, he has a great sense of humour too.

Not only the show’s judges Will and Pixie were in awe of the little kid’s talent, the audience gave him a huge round of applause for his performance too.




Krishna has now become a sensation on Internet. Not only Indian media, but the foreign media is also talking about this kid celebrity. The kid also made an appearance at the celebrity chat show, Lorraine.


Here’s another video of this singing sensation:



This particular mashup by Krishna is very similar to that of the ones sung by singer Vidya Vox. Isn’t the kid immensely talented?