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12 Romantic Korean Movies That Perfectly Capture The True Essence Of Love

Updated on 24 April, 2019 at 2:13 pm By

Art does not have any language or geographical barriers. It can be appreciated in any form. Korean romantic movies are world renowned for their content, story telling, and narration. Those who love world cinema are always on the hunt for movies from the world over. For such cinephiles, Korean cinema offers some great movies. Especially some of the Korean romantic movies would be a treat.



Have a look at these Top romantic Korean movies which are highly-rated and definitely recommended for true cinephiles. Not only that but they also perfectly captures the beauty of love.


1. A Moment To Remember

This is one of the very few Korean romantic movies which has an 8+ rating on IMDb. If that doesn’t tell you that it is a great movie then may be the story will. A Moment To Remember talks about a young couple whose love is tested when the girl is diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer’s.



2. My Girl And I

The male lead of this movie is saved from drowning by someone whose identity he doesn’t know. A beautiful girl reveals to him after a while that it was indeed her who saved his life. Their love begins to blossom after this and it seems that it will be undying. But then a twist of fate awaits. This is one of the best Korean romantic movies and cinema lovers should definitely watch it.




3. Always

A world renowned boxer falls in love with a blind girl. The girl is a telemarketer and how their love begins and blossoms is quite unconventional. This is one of the Korean romantic movies which will melt everyone’s hearts. The character of the male is based on ex-boxer Chul-min.



4. My Sassy Girl

This is another one of those Korean romantic movies with a high rating. When a man saves a girl from taking her own life, little is he prepared for the storm she is about to bring in his own life. The girl ends up putting the guy into trouble repeatedly. However, despite this, the guy falls deeply in love with her.



5. Architecture 101

A blast from the past is something we all dread. This Korean movie presents this in a nostalgic tale where two past lovers meet again after 15 years when one of them insists on them working together. Seung-Min and Seo-Yeon had been classmates in an architecture class and had then worked together before parting ways. What will happen now after 15 years?



6. The Classic

We have all wondered about love story of our parents. Precisely, how they met and fell in love. The Classic is one of those Korean romantic movies which tells just this. The story revolves around a college student who lands upon a diary which details a love triangle involving his parents.



7. Il Mare

A woman moves out of her seaside house leaving behind instructions for her new house owner. Through the instructions and the ensuing communication between them they discover something interesting. This is one of the best Korean romantic movies with a bit of fantasy involved.



8. Failan

A gangster learns about his wife’s death. But he has never met this wife. There is confusion in his mind as to whether be grief-stricken about her death or about the fact that he never got to know her. Movie lovers will surely like this offbeat story.



9. Oasis

Falling in love with someone beautiful is easy but it takes strength to fall for someone with a disability and then make it stronger with time. Oasis shows us an unconventional love story between a con-man and a woman with cerebral palsy.



10. 3-Iron

This is one of the most though provoking Korean romantic movies. It tells the love story of a physically abused wife and a young aimless man who falls in love with the woman after the couple take him in for a few days. What brings them all together is a shared despair with life.



11. Maundy Thursday

A girl who wants to end her life and a man who is about to be executed fall for each other. The suicidal girl visits the convicted murderer every week and what ensues is one of the most unconventional and unorthodox love story.



12. Christmas In August

The male lead of this Korean movie is suffering from a fatal disease when he meets the female lead. As fate would have it, he falls in love with her. But will their love story meet a fatal end with the death of the male lead? The tragic ending of this story will leave us appreciating our lives and the love of our lives.




Love keeps our lives moving and these movies with their great content and superb storytelling remind us to appreciate those we adore.

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