Kolkata Women Mercilessly Beats Her Old Mother-In-Law For Plucking Flowers, Video Goes Viral

3:38 pm 1 Jun, 2018


In this age of Internet, we on a daily basis see videos that arouse all sorts of emotions in us. One such video recently surfaced and is now being widely circulated over the social media for all the right reasons. People are demanding justice for the victim in the video and are even asking for stringent punishment for the wrong doer.



As per a report, an elderly women was mercilessly beaten by her daughter-in-law in South Kolkata’s Garia area, as seen in the video. You would be surprised to know the reason behind this incident. The elderly woman had only plucked a few flowers without taking the permission of her daughter-in-law!


What happened next has become the matter of discussion on the internet. The incident was captured and posted on social media by the neighbor of the woman committing the crime.



In the video, one can clearly see how the accused Swapna Pal pulled her mother-in-law Jashoda Pal’s hair and even slapped her many times. Jashoda is 75 years old lady, who couldn’t protect herself when Swapna was committing this offense. The video has now been shared more than 25,000 times online.

The video also shows how the not so guilty daughter-in-law Swapna was screaming at the old woman. As per a Facebook post by Kolkata Police, the elderly woman is a patient of amnesia and was being beaten and thrashed by her daughter-in-law repeatedly. The post further explained that the old lady was subjected to physical abuse on a daily basis. Her husband had died a few years ago.

This is how people have reacted over the video, as soon as it went viral.



This video is shocking indeed and highlights a bigger issue existing in the society. Through this post, we request our readers to be aware of their surroundings. Someone somewhere might need your help. Also, if you see something happening like this anywhere, do not forget to report the matter. You may save someone’s life by doing your bit!

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