Kolkata Based Transgender Teacher Body-Shamed During Job Interviews, Asked If Her Breasts Are Real

3:22 pm 19 Jun, 2018

When it comes to transgender people seeking their rights, things take a bitter mode for them quite often. Something like that happened with Kolkata-based teacher Suchitra Dey. She has a double masters (in geography and English) and has a teaching experience of over 10 years. Dey has given a lot of interviews in her life.

Many times she has been asked the same questions during her interviews in reputed schools of Kolkata. The questions can not only leave anyone raged but also raise questions on the sick mentality of people which is rotting the society. To anyone’s surprise, Suchitra’s interviewers could not look beyond the fact that she is a trans-woman and boldly asked her if her breasts are real or if she can even conceive.




“My educational qualification or 10 years of experience didn’t matter to them. When they looked at me, all they could see was a man who had transformed into a woman. Nothing else mattered because if one belongs to the third gender in this country, ridicule is a way of life,” Suchitra recently revealed to a publication.


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“One of the interviewers at a well-known Kolkata school asked me to wear male outfits because all my mark sheets and certificates say that I am a man. In each of these interviews, I faced the worst kind of humiliation. The male principal of one of these schools asked me whether I can bear a child. He also asked me if my breasts are real. Would these questions be asked if I wasn’t a transgender woman?” reveals Suchitra to the publication.


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In 2014, the Supreme Court declared that admission in educational institutions would be allowed to transgenders. They could also apply for jobs under the category. The ‘third gender’ status was given to transpeople in the same year.


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Transgenders are now given constitutional rights as other citizens of India. We are proud of the way Suchitra has given voice to her story. Our country is definitely in need of educated citizens like her.