Virat Kohli Will Be Singing For AR Rahman. Isn’t This Awesome?

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12:23 pm 7 Jun, 2016


Yesterday, when I was stalking the heartthrob Virat Kohli’s Twitter account, I came across his latest tweet along with AR Rahman and it was shocking!


Well, what would a cricketer be doing with a singer? Of course, Virat is a big fan of Rahman’s music but suddenly a tweet? Digging deeper, I got to know that our sexy sportsman will soon be trying his hand at singing.




According to sources, Virat Kohli with be singing along to the tunes of AR Rahman. Kohli is the brand ambassador of Premier Futsal and for the first time he will be signing its official anthem.

Kohli shared the pressure he is going through these days:

I’m under more pressure than on the field as I’m sitting next to a person I hugely admire. Many of my childhood memories have a connection to the tunes of this man. I know how to prepare for cricket, but I have no clue about a recording session.



To which Rahman showed supported and comforted him by saying:

The anthem, titled Naamhai Futsal, will be released with a video featuring the cricketer in a couple of weeks. We’ve been working on the song for a week. Virat’s portion will be a rap… I will make it easier for him.

Virat also said that the song he loves the most is ‘Vandhe Maataram’ sung by AR Rahman. His other favourite singer is Arijit Singh.

Apart from the national anthem, that’s the only time you hear 50,000 people singing. I connect to that song in a special way as I get goosebumps hearing it.



Futsal is a quicker form of football played by a five-member team, indoors. It’s a new game being introduced in India. Premier Futsal will start from mid-July and feature eight teams from across the country, and is being promoted by Xavier Britto of Indev Group.