Watch Virat Kohli Grooving With AR Rahman On An Awesome Track

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2:26 pm 28 Jun, 2016

Recently, we reported about Virat Kohli being seen singing alongside AR Rahman in the Futsal Premier League Anthem. It was a surprise for almost all of us that the run machine was going to perform with a mic.

Though Virat is the heartthrob whom guys idolize and girls die for but imagining him singing is something really different.



But you don’t have to imagine him singing anymore because he has posted a teaser of the Anthem in which he will sing along with AR Rahman. His dancing moves and the smile on his face show how much he enjoyed himself!

Like always, he is looking like a complete handsome hunk with, of course, the best of his fashion sense.


So, without waiting anymore, check out the fantastic teaser. Mind you, it will make your wait for the Anthem really difficult!



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