Koena Mitra Slams Sambit Patra For His Tweet On Bengal Violence And Twitter Is Loving It

1:57 pm 19 May, 2018


Reports of violence have been coming from all parts of West Bengal since the polling for the Panchayat elections was conducted on May 14 in the state. As soon as the polling began, the State Election Commission received reports of protests and violence from at least four districts from different parts of West Bengal. Police have been trying to control the situation. Sadly, the day saw the death of more than 20 people in violence during the polls. Amidst the violent environment, counting of ballot papers stamped for the Panchayat elections began in the state on May 17.



As the ongoing protests have spread a wave of tension not only in West Bengal but all over the country, the national spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party, Sambit Patra tweeted about the miserable condition in West Bengal.




In his tweet, Sambit Patra questioned the whereabouts of ‘tolerance’ and ‘democracy’ in such a situation where voters and political activists are being murdered and burnt alive so that All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) can win Panchayat elections.

Here is the tweet:


Amidst all this, actress Koena Mitra had a befitting question to ask Sambhit Patra.



Koena Mitra might have taken a really long break from the film industry but she has been quite active in the political front of the country, questioning people every now and then on the various ongoing political affairs. While retaliating to the tweet by BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra, the actress slammed the politician and asked him about his stand on the situation. Furthermore, she told the politician that just criticizing doesn’t work anymore.

Take a look at her tweet:


Twitterati were very happy with the Koena Mitra’s reply to Sambit Patra’s tweet and they were all praises about the stand taken by the actress on the issue.

Take a look at some of the tweets by the netizens:













Meanwhile, this Panchayat poll is the last major election in the state of Bengal before 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

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